If you’re looking for an electrician Hackney, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written about Vivienne O’Brien, Miho Newton, and Sylvia Haller, and they all provide great services in the area. If you’d like to be one of them, then keep reading to find out more about their services. You’ll find out why they’re so great! And, you’ll also learn a little about Greenstone Electrical Ltd.

Vivienne O’Brien

Originally from Ireland, Vivienne O’Brien qualified as an electrician in 1981. She became part of the Women’s Electrical Collective (WEC) and rotated between technical, administrative, and financial roles. Working in this environment allowed her to acquire many of the skills she needs to run her own business, Athena Electrical. In 1994, she set up her own business, focusing on providing high quality service to customers and local residents. Her business focuses on bringing local jobs and training to local people. Additionally, she is interested in environmental technologies and sustainability.

With the recent launch of the Feed in Tariff, local residents are making the most of the government’s scheme to encourage the installation of solar panels. With this guaranteed revenue stream and savings from electricity bills, a typical two-kilowatt installation can generate PS800 a year in electricity, and is likely to pay for itself in eight to ten years. Added to this, annual carbon emissions reduction is approximately the equivalent to one tonne.

Miho Newton

An electrician in Hackney is rare, so you’ll have to be really careful about what you choose. Sylvia Haller, a German national, is a great choice. She qualified in 1981 and started working for a Hackney-based electrical co-operative where she rotated between financial, technical, and administrative roles. That experience helped her develop a wide range of skills for her own business, Athena Electrical. Newton, a Japanese national, joined Athena Electrical in 2010 as an improver electrician and is now an Electrical Supervisor.

Sylvia Haller

When it comes to bringing renewable energy to your home, it’s important to choose a reliable, professional company that specializes in low-voltage electrical installations. The National Electrical Code (NEC) has set strict requirements for electrical installers, and one way to avoid falling victim to rogue traders is to look for MSC-certified installers. Without the MSC accreditation, your solar panel system won’t be eligible for the feed-in-tariff. A recent study showed that three-quarters of companies overestimated the energy their solar panels would produce, and the majority underestimated the time required to pay back the cost of the system.