Inflatable Bouncers

Inflatable bouncers come in a wide variety of themes. Choose from a medieval castle, a carousel, a spaceship, a gingerbread house, a tropical island, or a firehouse. These bouncers are filled with lightweight plastic balls and often feature a roof that protects from the sun or rain. These inflatable bouncers are available in a variety of primary colors and are decorated with detailed painting to create a themed package.

Safety precautions

Inflatable bouncers contain numerous safety precautions to keep them safe. However, buying one for your own use implies that you accept some degree of risk. In addition to following the warning label on the bouncer, you should follow these general safety guidelines. Listed below are a few of them. Follow these guidelines to keep your inflatable bouncers safe. These tips are a must for any parent hosting a birthday party.

Make sure there is adult supervision inside the inflatable bouncer at all times. Smaller children should be supervised by an adult. No one under the age of eight should be left unattended on an inflatable bouncer. It is also best to keep metal and sharp objects out of reach of children. Furthermore, you should not allow children with disabilities or heart problems to use the bouncer. Also, you should not allow them to carry food inside the bouncer. If a child tries to climb or stand inside the bouncer, it can lead to a severe injury.


There are two main types of inflatable bouncers: commercial and residential. Both are used for bounce house parties, and they are built to withstand heavy weights. When you’re looking to rent a bounce house, consider the differences between commercial and residential bouncers. Commercial bouncers are more durable and last longer than residential bouncers. Here are the benefits of each type of inflatable bouncer. When choosing a bounce house, consider the following factors:

Bouncy castles have walls that are fully inflated on three sides, while Australian versions feature an open front with foam crash mats. Modern moonwalks are enclosed with netting and are supported by inflatable columns. In home bouncers, a continuous blower pumps air continuously. These bouncers are also available in dual lanes. Children can race down the same course side-by-side and compete against each other.


When choosing a bouncer, there are a few important factors to consider. The inflated dimensions of the bouncer are critical, especially if it is going to be used indoors. The size of the jumping surface tells how many people can fit comfortably inside. Also, the size of the bouncer will determine how much space it will require. A 13-foot bouncer will need about three feet of room around it, and a 19-foot combo will require about five.

Inflatable bouncers vary in price and size, and you can find inexpensive toddler-sized models in the $200-400 range. A large obstacle course or water slide can cost upwards of four hundred dollars. You will also need to invest in an air blower, also called an air mover, to get the bouncer in the right shape. The larger the obstacle course, the higher the price. Buying an inflatable bouncer for a child’s birthday party can cost up to a thousand dollars, so it is important to be prepared for the expense.

Storage space

You need storage space for your bouncers in order to protect them. You should choose high quality commercial grade storage bags, as these will last longer and protect your bouncers from damage. However, where you store your bouncers is as important as how they are stored. The best storage space for bouncers should be dry and clean, and free from debris. The following are some tips for choosing the best storage space for bouncers.

You may want to use a garage for storage. This is a great place to start out, but once you have more inflatable bounce houses than you can store in your garage, you may need a larger location. A garage is also a good option, as it can fit a large inventory and a few bouncers. Make sure to store your bouncers in a dry and cool location, as they can get damaged by heat and sunlight.


For birthdays or other celebrations, you can rent bounce house rentals with themes your guests will love. Dora and Diego are popular among children, but if you’re celebrating a Disney princess or a famous movie character, you might want to consider an Elsa bounce house rental. If your child prefers Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, consider an Olaf bouncer rental. You can also choose a Mickey Park combo that features the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck characters.

Themes for inflatable bouncers can be as diverse as the children themselves. A pirate or ocean theme can be a great choice, especially if your children love the ocean. Children will enjoy pretending to be pirates or other mythical sea creatures, and a sports arena bounce house will keep them entertained for hours. The theme of an inflatable bounce house can also be a fun way to get kids involved in healthy activity as well.