When you’re in the market for replacement parts for your semi truck, checkout Shift Products Locations. Here are a few common problems and solutions that you may encounter. You may also need to replace your air brakes, batteries, or suspension systems. Knowing the types of parts is essential to keeping your truck running smoothly. Aftermarket semi truck parts are available from many different manufacturers. There are also many different types of parts available to choose from, including collision parts, interior parts, lighting, and GPS gear. In addition to semi truck parts, you can also get seat covers, steering wheels, and floor mats.

Suspension systems

Proper maintenance and repair of the suspension system is an important part of truck maintenance. A worn out suspension system can result in an uncomfortable ride and loss of vehicle control. This part of the truck must be properly inspected for problems before they become serious. In addition, the proper maintenance of the suspension system can prevent a devastating accident. You should check the suspension system for worn or cracked parts and replace them before the problem gets worse. If you notice uneven tire wear, you may need to replace the suspension components. In addition, you may need to check for wheel alignment issues or underinflated tires.

In addition to shock absorbers, suspension systems for semi trucks also include struts and torque rods. Torque rods, sometimes referred to as shocks, are steel rods that hold the axles in place while reducing the impact of potholes and bumps. A strong suspension system will keep the truck on the road for miles to come. It will make driving less stressful for both the driver and the cargo.

Air brakes

Considering air brakes for your semi truck? These safety features are an important part of the truck’s system and need proper maintenance and repair. To maintain the quality of your air brake system, make sure you check them regularly to avoid problems. Most air brake systems include multiple parts, including an air compressor, air tanks, drains, safety valves, pedals, supporting cables, and more. To ensure optimum performance, you should always have them serviced by a certified professional every ten to fifteen thousand miles.

When it comes to air brakes, two main types are available: wedge type brakes and S-cam type brakes. Wedge-style brakes are similar to air brakes, except the wedge type is designed to push brake shoes against the drum lining. Air brakes on semi trucks are connected to the tractor with two separate air lines. The supply line supplies air pressure to the pistons and reservoir tank while the emergency line provides air to the truck’s braking system.

Fifth wheels

Investing in quality fifth wheels for semi trucks is essential for maximum efficiency. This component must be corrosion-resistant, protected against harmful contaminants, and built to last. You can find a variety of fifth wheel options by using the search tool provided by IndustryStock. You can also find information about truck parts manufacturers and service providers through this website. This way, you can quickly identify the right product for your truck and make your purchase with confidence.

Fixed fifth wheels are ideal for vehicles with similar weight distributions, such as tank carriers and bulk carriers. They allow the front axle to pivot side to side, which facilitates turning. A sliding fifth wheel allows the trailer to change weight distribution without affecting the steering or pulling performance of the truck. It is also used for rigs with varying load distributions, including those with multiple loads. This type of wheel is also called a tandem axle, and is the most common configuration for trucks.


While many people assume that a higher CCA means a better battery, the truth is that higher CCAs only apply in the coldest regions. In fact, a standard battery will likely perform just as well. The temperature of the region your truck will be traveling in will greatly affect the battery you choose. To help you make the best choice, Interstate Batteries has a lab manager, Jeff Barron, that will test the energy efficiency of different batteries.

When choosing batteries for a semi truck, be sure to choose the best ones for your use case. You don’t want to purchase cheap batteries because they may not last for the long haul. You also need to be aware of the different types of batteries. Ask ASC staff for more information on the best options. Batteries for semi trucks should last for a year or more. You don’t want to lose a battery because you ran out of power.

Exhaust systems

The most important components of a semi truck exhaust system are the catalytic converter, header, and muffler. Cat-back systems are the most popular option for trucks, because they include the catalytic converter and muffler and can improve fuel economy and power output. However, there are disadvantages to this type of exhaust system. Among the advantages, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. It also creates a more aggressive sound and improves fuel efficiency.

Aftermarket exhaust systems for semi trucks are made of high-quality Aluminized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The main purpose of exhaust systems is to lower EGT’s in diesel engines. Exhaust systems are available from AP Exhaust Products and OEM truck exhaust systems. They consist of a series of pipes and chambers, which lead to a tail pipe. Depending on the engine size, a truck may have two or more exhaust systems, depending on its engine capacity.

Steering systems

The steering system of a semi truck starts from the steering wheel and moves downward to the lower steering gear. The steering system acts on the wheels and tires to control direction. These parts are made to last and tested for performance. For more information on steering system parts for semi trucks, visit our website. You can also contact your local Volvo Trucks dealership. Here are a few tips to keep your semi truck’s steering system in top condition.

In a modern semi truck, most trucks have power steering components. They have improved on the old rack and piston system by adding parts that make it easier to operate. These components include hydraulic piston, rotary control valve, pressure tube, pump, and steering shaft. There are also fluid lines, which are attached to these parts. It’s crucial to have a steering system that works properly. Once you have a steering system that’s working properly, you’ll be able to control your semi truck’s direction safely and easily.